Undo is a natural meditation app that allows you to easily discover and utilise the skills you already possess within your body to achieve sustainable, optimal health.
While the app's meditation content and features have been well-received, we have identified a significant user drop-off rate during the onboarding process. Users often struggle to navigate the initial steps, resulting in frustration and a reduced likelihood of continued engagement with the app.
My Role: User Experience, Product Design, User Interface Design, Digital Design, User Research, Wireframes and Prototyping
Tools & Technologies: Figma, Miro, Adobe Illustrator &
Adobe Photoshop
The current onboarding process for the Undo app presents several usability challenges that hinder users from seamlessly transitioning into the app's core features. Users frequently encounter difficulties in understanding how to set up their accounts, customise their meditation preferences, and navigate the app's interface effectively. These issues contribute to a suboptimal onboarding experience, leading to higher abandonment rates and missed opportunities for users to benefit from our meditation content.
The Problem
From the first touch point to the last, the sign-up journey needed to be easy and straight forward. The sign up screens needed to give users insight into the Undo philosophy, the benefits of meditation, and how guided meditation can become a part of their mindfulness practice.
User flow
Empathy maps & persona
User 1 : Does meditation knows the benefits but can't transform into routine.